8/30/04:  Last night Bleach played it last show together in Nashville, TN.  We weren't able to make it to the show, so if you were there, feel free to e-mail us and tell us how it went.

Bleach may have played their last show, but we aren't done updating this site.  We plan to have a farewell contest here really soon, as well as adding pictures from our final Bleach shows.  So make sure you come back for those.

If you haven't heard, Bleach is going to be releasing a unique DVD very soon.  It's not your average live concert DVD either, this DVD will include lots of footage of the guys on the road being their crazy selves.  Check out the trailer on www.bleached.com.

5/1/04:  Added new photos from the Valentine's Day show in Temecula, CA to the photos.
Sorry for the delay!

4/28/04:  Check your local Christian rock radio station and request the latest Bleach single, "December".

For more news and journals from the guys in Bleach, keep checking their official site www.bleached.com.

3/15/04:  Our belated Congratulations go out to Milam & Ashley Byers!!  The happy couple were
married on January 10th.

1/22/04: *** Earlier this week, Bleach announced that after much prayer they have decided to say farewell.  They will continue to tour - with John Reuben next month, at Summer festivals, and on a farewell tour in August with their last show being on August 29th of this year.  They will also release one more album after their farewell tour. ***

Check out Bleach's official website to read the press release and journals from the guys.

We will greatly miss Bleach's music, and even more, hanging out with the awesome guys behind the rock - but we are so happy that they are following God's leading for their lives and will get to be home with their awesome wives and families.    ** To Davy, Sam, Jerry, Milam, and Jared - We love you guys and wish you all the very best in whatever you do - you're continually in our prayers. **

12/22/03:  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!  We hope you will all have a wondeful day celebrating the birth of our precious Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ.

12/1/03:  This Friday (Dec. 5th) Bleach will be on the Christian TV show "The 700 Club".  The show
airs on TBN at 12 noon PST and on ABC Family at 11pm EST/PST, you can also check their
website for more local airtimes.

The band is currently in Europe playing a couple of shows.  Keep the guys in prayer for safety and health as they're away from home and from their families.

11/19/03:  Added photos from the Winner's Never Quit Tour to the photos section.  The tour is nearing a close, we hope everyone was able to catch the guys in your area and show your support.

10/21/03:  TODAY is the day - Astronomy, The Legacy Of A Hero is in stores now!!
It is specially priced at $11.99, so go buy it right now! :)

10/17/03: We changed the look of the site for the new album, we hope you like it.  We also added Astronomy to the Sound & Video section (only 4 more days!!), added a couple of new promo photos, and some new AOL Icons and Avatars to the Downloads.

9/27/03:  Check out the brand new Bleach - Astronomy e-card!!  It features full length songs from the upcoming album, as well as a biography, downloads, and more!

9/12/03:  You can download the brand new single "Get Up" from Bleach's upcoming album Astronomy (in stores October 21st!!) right now on mp3.com.

9/8/03:  The "Winners Never Quit Tour" with Five Iron Frenzy and Holland starts in just 5 days!  Make sure you check out the tour dates to see if it's coming to your area.

8/25/03:  Added pictures from a recent show in Hesperia, CA to the photos section.


7/27/03:  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Byers family.  We love you guys
and are deeply hurt by your loss.    (see CMCentral for more info)


7/16/03:  Watch a clip of Bleach live at Cornerstone Festival in IL: high / low.  For other cool band clips, you can go here.

6/24/03:  Bleach will be performing this Friday on the Fringe Stage at Creation East Festival in PA.  Acaza.com will be webcasting the event on their site (both the Main Stage and Fringe Stage). 
Check out Acaza.com for more info.

6/10/03:  Updated Sam's bio page with his baby pictures.

6/7/03:  Bleach is back in the studio recording for their new album tentatively titled "Astronomy" releasing October 21, 2003.  They're also scheduled to be hitting the road this Fall with Five Iron Frenzy on their "Winners Never Quit" Farewell Tour.

4/23/03:  Added some pictures from the concert last weekend in Palm Springs, and links to the newest
day 7 webcasts on the video page.

3/16/03:  Bleach is currently in the studio working on pre-production (aka writing songs, collaborating) for a new album!!  Check out the journals section on their official website for updates from Jerry.

3/16/03:  Bleach is currently in the studio working on pre-production (aka writing songs, collaborating) for a new album!!  Check out the journals section on their official website for updates from Jerry.

2/10/03:  Added new pictures from the recent shows in Hesperia and the Riverside stop
of the We Are Tomorrow Tour.

1/5/03:  Happy New Year! The We Are Tomorrow Tour with headliners Bleach and special guests Sanctus
Real and Holland (first half of tour only) starts up in only 4 days.  With Bleach and special guests like that, this is one small tour not to miss!  So check out the tour dates to see if it's coming to your town.

12/21/02: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  We hope everyone has a great holiday celebrating the birth
of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  (as our little gift to you, click here :) )

12/21/02:  Get ready for the We Are Tomorrow Tour with special guests Sanctus Real (check out their album out on Christmas Eve - that's only 3 days away, it's AWESOME!).   Check out tour dates here.

11/2/02:  We finally got up our pics from Six Flags Magic Mountain, and the Back To The Few Tour!
Sorry for the delay, guys.

11/2/02:  Added some new aol icons, and a new wallpaper to the downloads section.

10/9/02:  Enter to win an autographed copy of "Again For The First Time" on the Jesus Freak Hideout!

10/9/02:  The Back To The Few Tour is doing great, selling out most of the shows so far, so check out the tour dates, and buy your tickets early!  We saw the show last weekend, and it's totally worth checking out!  Also, keep the guys in your prayers as they travel and are away from their families.

9/10/02:  Bleach's video "We Are Tomorrow" is featured on Much Music TV USA this week.  By going to their website, you can click on Bleach and vote for them to "keep it".  If the video gets enough good response, it will be added to their regular rotation!

9/10/02:  We finally got our pics up from the Palm Desert, CA show and the
Album Release Party at Day 7 both from last month!

8/27/02: TODAY is the day!! "Again, For The First Time" is in stores!!  The CD is totally awesome, make sure you go and pick it up, you do NOT want to miss this one!! :)

8/17/02: The Sound & Video section has been updated to include the new album.

8/17/02:  Countdown... 10 days 'til the new album hits stores!!  Bleach's official website has a new
make-over, check it out, it's rad!  (www.bleached.com)

7/16/02:  Check out the Bleach Media Player with long sound clips of all the new tracks on "Again, For The First Time" and a bunch of other rad stuff!!   *update 8/17/02: check out the new intro to the media player!!*

7/16/02: We updated Milam and Jared's bios, check them out for something extra special!!

6/28/02: Watch the brand new video for "We Are Tomorrow" on Tooth & Nail's website!!
(it's really really awesome!! :))

6/5/02:  Added some new aol icons and message board avatars to the downloads section.

5/31/02:  Added 2 new pics to the promo photos page.

5/5/02:  The new Bleach album has a name!  "Again, For The First Time" will be in stores August 27th!!  For a sample, check out www.mp3.com/bleachrock and download "We Are Tomorrow".  If you see the guys this Summer they'll be selling a special CD with a few new songs!

5/5/02:  Check out some really cute pics of Journey Barnhart on Bleachluver's site.

5/5/02:  Bleach recently visited GMA week for lots of interviews, a live performance, and the
Dove Awards.  Check out a pic of them after an interview from CCM Magazine, and baby Journey
with his Daddy at work.

2/27/02:  CONGRATULATIONS to Sam & Angela Barnhart!!  Their brand new baby boy, Journey Isaiah,
was born last Friday (2-23) at 3:30pm CST weighing 8 lbs. with black curly hair! :)

2/19/02:  Bleach has switched over from BEC Recordings to Tooth & Nail Records.  If you want to hear the latest news about the album from Jerry, you can read it here.

2/18/02:  We finally got our Day 7 pics up from 2/3/02, you can find them here!
(make sure you check out page 2!! ;))

2/12/02: Today we added a special movie that Jared made to his bio page!!  Check it out, and decide for yourself if Jared should change his career to film-making instead of music! ;)

2/9/02:  Added webcast archive links for Bleach at Day 7 2/3/02 to the video section (photos coming soon!!).

2/6/02:  Please keep Sam and his wife, Angela, in your prayers as their first baby is
due to arrive anytime! :)

12/27/01: It's official!  Bleach is now signed to BEC Recordings!!  Look for their album to be in stores August 27th!! (I know, it's a long wait! ;))

12/24/01:  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!  Remember that Jesus is the reason for the Season!  God Bless!

12/24/01:  This weekend (12/22-12/25, sorry for the late notice) is "Happy Christmas Weekend" on TV-U (a really awesome Christian music video network!!), you can catch Bleach, Dennison Marrs, and Hangnail hosting!! (quite funny stuff!)  If you don't get TV-U, you can watch it on-line on their website: www.tvulive.com

12/14/01:  We added some Bleach wallpapers and AOL buddy icons in a new downloads section.

11/30/01:  The Happy Christmas Tour with special guests Hangnail and Dennison Mars is up and on the road.  Keep the guys, their crew and families in your prayers as they are away from home.  To see if the tour is coming near you, check out tour dates on www.happychristmastour.com, and don't miss this special opportunity to see a very rare rocking Christmas tour, and to collect toys for the orgainization Toys For Tots which gives toys to disadvantaged children at the holidays.

11/26/01:  We finally got up our pictures from Day 7 @ Harvest from a couple of weeks ago.

11/26/01:  We just added some pictures and movie clips from Bleach's appearance on The Price Is Right.  Check them out here.

11/6/01: We updated the Biographies today!  Lots of new info for ya'll, including some audio clips!
Check them out!

10/23/01: The Bleach boys made it to a taping of The Price Is Right out here in Cali this Summer.  The show will be aired this Friday, 10/26, on CBS at 10am.  Set your VCRs or watch it 'cause although none of the guys got up (despite Jerry's homemade "Barker's Beauty" t-shirt), someone next to them did. 
So keep your eyes out! :)

10/23/01: Bleach is currently in the studio working on their new album due out next year.  Yeah!  Keep them in your prayers that God will guide them, and give them the inspiration they need.

10/23/01:  Our New Bleached Fanz site premieres!  Yeah!  It's finally done!  (You can still access our old site a little longer by going HERE)